Are you the perfect candidate? Prove it with your CV

When you really want to get a position you don’t aim at being an acceptable candidate. You want to shout at recruiters to stop searching because you are the perfect candidate for them .

To prove it, you will have to fix your resume . Your bullet points will have to highlight the most relevant skills for that role and you will have to reorder the sections so that the most significant experiences are at the top.

But is this enough to make you stand out among all the other CVs as the best ? Before submitting your application, make sure you have correctly arranged your resume, following these 4 steps.

4 steps to fix your CV before sending it

1. Find the keywords

First of all, carefully read the job offer : what are the keywords ? What skills are required? What responsibilities stand out? Once you understand this, write your resume using those keywords and emphasizing that you have all the required skills.

2. Arrange your sections

Based on research, recruiters take a few seconds to look at a resume. Also, keep in mind that they might be watching it from mobile or tablet , further limiting their gaze to the first third of the page . This means that the most significant experiences and milestones must be at the top of the page.

If looking at your resume you notice that in the first third of the page there is no information describing you as the perfect candidate, rearrange your sections.

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3. Research the company’s values ​​

To be considered the perfect candidate you must demonstrate that you are in line with the company’s values ​​. When writing your resume, do some research: you will surely find the ideals and values ​​that underlie the company you would like to work for (innovation, teamwork, social inclusion etc.). Now, when writing your resume, you need to make these values ​​stand out clearly.

For example, to emphasize your ability to work as a team , in your bullet point you could say “ I worked with a team of 6 people to improve and develop the new employee training project “.

Your work experience and results will allow the recruiter to understand that you are a suitable person for the role, but embodying the company’s values ​​ will make it clear that you are the perfect candidate.

4. Ask someone to read your CV

Before sending your application, ask a friend to read it, without specifying which position you are applying for and ask what you think . What skills and what results stand out ? What position were you applying for?

If the responses you get are far from your intentions , it means that your resume has not been set up in the correct way. Reading your resume, in fact, it should immediately become clear what role you are applying for. If not, write it down .

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