Creative Resume: 3 original CV templates to stand out with

Do you continue to send a standard resume without receiving any response? Try to stand out with a creative resume!

If you want to try to present a more innovative and captivating CV, read this article: we will talk about Creative CV , a model to stand out among many similar resumes, and we’ll see which are the most creative and original CV formats and templates.

The creative resume

The creative resume has a unique and original format . It is characterized by the use of colors, shapes, images, graphics, symbols, maps. Each individual element can represent a channel to express your personality and attract the attention of the recruiter.

With a creative CV you have the freedom to choose how to present your experiences and skills, satisfying your tastes and enhancing the sections you prefer. There is no single model to be inspired by: your imagination and creativity are at stake.

However, it is important to know consciously manage this margin of freedom , otherwise there could be the risk of being out of place. For this reason, before submitting a creative resume, try to answer two simple questions.

  1. Who will read my CV? A creative CV can certainly be appreciated by innovative and modern companies , while it could be inadequate for more classic and traditional work contexts.
  2. What role am I applying for? If artistic or creative skills are required in the offer you can immediately show them off with an original and particular curriculum. It is important that the Curriculum is consistent with the profession you intend to pursue.

How to create a creative CV?

Often candidates do not present a creative CV because they are not sufficiently familiar with graphics programs, or because they don’t feel fancy enough.

Creative CV Templates

As we have already mentioned, there is no single creative resume template. Much depends on the imagination, needs and tastes of the individual candidates.

However, to help you better guide your choices and ideas, we present the three main types of creative CVs.

  • The graphic curriculum.
  • The infographic CV.
  • The artistic curriculum.

Premium Vector | Businessman with creative vector illustration

1. The graphic resume

This is a format that refers a lot to the structure of a classic CV. In fact, the contents tend to remain textual and descriptive.

What characterizes the graphic curriculum, however, is the touch of creativity and imagination:

  • You can indulge yourself in the choice of colors, both in terms of titles and backgrounds.
  • You are not bound to use classic fonts, such as Times New Roman, but you can choose the one that best suits your style.
  • You can insert decorative elements, such as lines, shapes and images.

2. The infographic CV

The infographic CV is quite different from the standard templates. It recalls the graphic curriculum for freedom in the choice of colors and fonts, but has decidedly original characteristics:

  • It includes infographics: graphics, drawings, maps, diagrams, tables, icons, small illustrations ..
  • The textual contents are significantly reduced and presented as visual elements.
  • Its reading is fast, immediate and intuitive.

3. The artistic curriculum

The artistic curriculum is suitable for those who work, in fact, in the varied world of art. It could present graphics in line with the author’s taste and artistic expressiveness, so as to immediately convey his style and activate the interest of the reader.

Unlike the other models, it is important that you present references to the website or social media channels, but only if they reflect the artist’s personal brand and if they offer an overview of his artistic activity.

Furthermore, the creative models often include the video curriculum . In truth, it is a hybrid model born to self-present itself and make up for distances, in which creativity is certainly an important component. Slowly this model is gaining a place among the types of classic CVs most requested by selectors.

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