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Sensitive data in the CV yes or no?

The CV  contains a lot of personal data that, potentially, could be intercepted by malicious people. For this reason, and for the fact that the space available in the sheet must be optimized, you must always pay attention to sensitive data to be included in the CV and know some good practices for looking for work online and avoiding scams.

In this article we will see which sensitive data must necessarily be included in the CV and which, instead, are optional or unnecessary. Furthermore, we will see what are the main regulatory references regarding the processing of personal data and the privacy of the curriculum and how the information transmitted to recruiters can be used during the selection phase.

What is the sensitive data that you should never include in your CV?

Here is a list of sensitive data that we advise you not to include in your curriculum vitae. Sending a CV without the sensitive data that we will list below cannot be considered a reason for exclusion and on the contrary guarantees equal opportunities for candidates.

Marital status

Your Marital status does not affect your work skills, regardless of whether you are married, single, have dependent children or live with 15 cats. Not only that, but in several countries (including the UK) it is illegal to process this information even in the interview. Therefore, this personal information should not be present in your CV.

Complete date of birth

Entering the date of birth or not is often a controversial topic. In some countries it is illegal, while in others (such as in Italy) there are contracts for which the age of the candidate is an important requirement (for example for apprenticeship contracts, to have access to particular tax relief or reintegration programs professional, etc.). Therefore, as a general rule, in Italy it is advisable to indicate the year of birth, but the complete date is not necessary. However, you may find online job posting portals that ask for your full date of birth. In these cases, enter the requested information only if you trust the site, because the full date of birth can be used to trace your social security number.

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City of birth and full home address

Again, the city of birth is not relevant information, as is the full address of where you live. The name of the city where you are domiciled (and possibly the province, if you live in a small town) is sufficient.

The list of grades of all your exams

These lists take up so much space that you could devote to more important information. Especially if you have been working for a few years, avoid getting so specific about your training path. The date and the graduation or diploma mark are just fine.

The reasons why you left your previous job

You need a resume to sell your professionalism, your experiences and your skills. There is no reason to specify why you left your last job or, if you are still working, why you would like to change. If the recruiter needs more information they will ask you during the interview, so be prepared to answer the question “Why would you like to change jobs?” or “ Why did you quit your last job? “.

Link to your social network

Unless you use social networks professionally, it’s better do not to indicate references to your Instagram or Facebook profiles. If a recruiter is curious to learn more about your online image, they won’t hesitate to do their research, so don’t forget to always check your account privacy settings when looking for work. A separate discussion concerns LinkedIn, which instead should be included in the CV but only if your profile is well maintained and updated.

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