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What to remove from the resume? The most common mistakes

It is important to focus on the things that absolutely should not be included . To be effective, the curriculum must be tailored for the position you are applying for and must be built to perfection . Let’s take the red marker and get ready to correct it. Let’s see together what can and cannot be written in the CV, which mistakes in the curriculum can be considered punishable because they are considered falsifications, what to remove from the curriculum immediately and what are the most common resume mistakes to absolutely avoid.

What are the biggest resume mistakes? The lies!

Lying on your resume is a bad idea. There are bigger lies than others, but in any case it is better to remove anything that is not 100% true. If the recruiter is interested in you and is thinking of calling you for an interview he will surely do some research on you.

Remember, that lies are among the things that cannot be written on the resume because they can be considered as falsifications and therefore can be punishable!

So try to always be honest about everything; even exaggerating some aspects (which are basically true!) will not work in your favor. Did you work in a team of 10 and together were you able to achieve excellent results? Don’t say that the credit is (or nearly so) yours, and don’t say you held a leadership position if you don’t. A simple phone call to your former employer is all it takes and your house of cards could collapse.

What to remove from your resume?

Jobs that you did years ago

Your resume must be written and revised based on the offer you are applying for. Consequently, it does not have to contain all the jobs and chores you have done in your life. A job that you did 8 years ago and which is not in the least related to the position you are applying for, therefore, you can safely remove from curriculum. Your first internship in the country’s newspaper editor 10 years ago? If you are applying as a Marketing Assistant you can calmly erase it.

To understand which positions to eliminate, reflect on what is required for this new role: all the jobs in which those skills have not been neither learned nor developed can be removed.

The company email of your current job

Enter as a contact email or send the curriculum using the mail of the company you are working for at the moment means only one thing: that you are looking for new offers while you are in the office. First impressions are important and you don’t want to be remembered for them. Always use your personal email and, if possible, do not look for work while you are in the office but in your free time.

What can’t be written in the resume?

Irrelevant hobbies and passions

Usually enter hobbies, passions or what you like doing in your spare time is not a good idea, unless it is strictly relevant to the position you are applying for. In fact, recruiters often judge candidates based on what they do, linking this to their ideologies or way of being. This is particularly the case when your hobbies can be “weird”: the thing you’re most proud of is your ceramic doll collection? Very well! But the recruiter may likely turn up their noses.

Try to talk about your interests only when you think they emphasize your value. For example, if you are a dietician and in your spare time you curate a recipe blog, you will most likely make a good impression. But if you are in doubt that your hobby does not value you or that it may suggest aspects of your personality that conflict with those required, then it is wiser to remove it.

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Avoid talking about yourself in the third person

Do you want to look like a self-centered or a narcissist? The fastest way to do this is talk about yourself in the third person ! Why say “ Sofia proved to be a great added value to the team, allowing this to increase sales by 10% ” when you can use first-person narration?

As you may have noticed, at the beginning of your resume you must enter your name and your surname. The recruiter, therefore, the rest of the document is assumed to have been written by you! Don’t use the third person, opt for simpler and more incisive sentences.

What mistakes not to make in the resume?

Don’t use vague phrases

Resumes are often vague: what is your goal ? What do you hope to achieve from this position? Say that “You hope to work for Company X to develop your skills and grow, contributing to the team” doesn’t mean anything: vague phrases are another of those things you should remove from your resume.

Try to be as specific as possible : what can you bring to the team and the company? How do you represent added value? Why should they hire you? Clearly write down all the reasons why you are the perfect candidate.

Big words or unusual expressions

Why use “analogous” instead of “similar” or ” to use ”instead of“ to use ”? Inserting expressions you would never use in a conversation doesn’t make you seem smarter or more educated, just someone who can consult a thesaurus.

Before writing something ask yourself if you would ever say it in your daily life. Remember: recruiters don’t spend a lot of time reading your resume: if your sentence contains 4 unusual words and an incomprehensible expression, they will probably forget it and they will move on to the next one.

Writing a good resume is essential to make your application pay off and get you to call for an interview .

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